Hello! My name is Jonathan Hinkle. I started working in IT right before Y2K and have been at it ever since.

I’ve been on the technical side working with Windows and Linux servers, Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, Active Directory, PowerShell, a little bit of networking, scripting, and a whole lot in between.

Then I moved into a management role and suddenly had to start thinking more about the process of doing things. And not for just me, but for my team. This began a personal journey of learning more about leadership, technology, and structured productivity.

My Content

My career in IT has been fun, and I’ve learned a lot (and I have so much more to learn)! But I believe technology combined with strong leadership and effective process can make a good team great.

To that end, I write on leadership, technology, and productivity. On occasion, I write about things that don’t fit perfectly in those categories – so you might see randomness here and there.

My goal is to create useful, relevant content an IT Professional can take and use to make themselves, their team, and their organization better.

On a Personal Note

I have been married to my awesome wife since 2005. Life with her just gets better and better every day! We have two hilarious kids, one girl, one boy. They definitely add spice to life.

In my free time I enjoy sports (Oklahoma Sooner Football), music, movies, and spending time with my family. I am a member of Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, Oklahoma and help out Sunday mornings.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via E-Mail, follow me on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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